Epoxy Resin Guide

The best resin products for the manufacture of epoxy resin tables


The production of epoxy resin tables is becoming increasingly popular. With wood and epoxy you can produce beautiful tables in all variations. However, the production itself requires some preparation and practice. Depending on the size of the table, more than 10kg of resin and more are needed to cast a tabletop of 5cm thickness. The thickness of this layer is also the crucial point – the casting resin must be specially designed for this application to get such a thick layer in one pour. If you use a commercially available, inexpensive resin, the exothermic reaction can generate a lot of heat and cause damage to the wood and the surrounding area. It is therefore worth bringing a lot of patience and pouring several thin layers on top of each other, which must always harden for several hours, or using a special product for this purpose.



With epoxy resin tables the following properties are particularly important:

  • A layer height of up to 5cm should be possible
  • The resin must be processable in large quantities without heating up too much
  • A longer pot life is recommended so that the air bubbles can escape more easily
  • UV protection should be included so that as little yellowing as possible occurs