10PCS O-Other Car Parts_Clips Single Ear Stainless Steel Hose Clamps O Clips Pipe Clips Tools

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Stainless steel ear plus clamps.
Pincers also available in the drop down menu.
For sealing hoses against loss of liquid, air or gases.
Economical solution for tamperproof applications.
Designed to distribute a constant tension pressure around the hose.
Measurement is the diameter of the clip.
They have a 7mm bandwidth with 0.6mm thickness.
For automotive, agriculture, aviation, material handling, marine, plant & construction.

All burrs/sharp edges removed to prevent damage to application.
Security, i.e. tamper proof, cost efficient.
Speed & ease of assembly, aesthetically pleasing/compact & lightweight.
Sealing pressure consistency, just as effective on metal to metal connections.

They have a wide application in manufacturing industries including:
Mining & construction
Boat builders & aircraft
Gas & chemical industries
Medical equipment
Welding equipment
Commercial vehicle manufacturers
Heating & ventilation
Compressed air systems
Caravan manufacturers
Building & plumbing
Plant spray equipment
Vending machines   

Package : 10 X Single Ear Plus Stainless Steel Hose Clips / PE bag