Soft Plastic Vibe Lures 10pcs/Set Vib Vibes Blade trazo transam Fishing Lure AU

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Plastic Fishing Lure Tackle Jags Fishing Lures Yo Yama Jap Jig Glow Zuri  Shrimp


  • Qty: 10 Lures per case (Some colours may vary)

  • Size: As selected

  • Jigs with Electric Pattern have internal rattle!

  • I have caught thousands of squid on these jigs

  • Great for arrows and bait sized squid!

  • Can be used in all applications, both shallow and deep water!!

  • 3D Style Eyelet

  • New Colours!! Fish haven't seen these colours before!

  • Target Species: Egi, Squid, Cuttlefish, Octopus, Sephia and any cephlapod species that swims!

-Specifications: 2.5#, 3.0#, 3.5#
-Target fish: kill squid and octopus in all waters
-Packaging: Exquisite wooden shrimp bag packaging,10 pieces a small bag, easy to carry
-Features: with luminous design, classic colors, sharp hooks, and high fish rate
it is a very cost-effective prod
-All Glow in Dark

Package includes
1X 10pcs Bait

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