18 LED Car Truck Strobe Lights Police Warning Red/Blue Flashing Grill Light Lamp

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Product name: LED flashing light
Product size: control box length 7.5cm, width 5cm, height 2.5cm; lamp shade 5cm length, width 1cm, height 1.5cm
Emitting color: red and blue pure blue pure yellow pure white pure red
Use voltage: DC 12V
3LED X 6 18LED in the network. Strobe lights. Strobe lights.
Two sets of six circuit outputs.
3 types of flashing: A flash-flash left and right, 8 consecutive flashes
               B flash-flash left and right, 1 single flash
               C flash-flash at the same time, single flash
Voltage: 12VDC.
Features: good sealing performance; anti-dust; anti-collision; anti-splash; can be hung. Safe and reliable.
High brightness: 10000-12000MCD.
Safety: 12V safety voltage, double insulation, no harm to human body when used in rainwater.
How to use: connect red wire to positive electrode and black wire to negative electrode

Left and right functions:
1. Caution: At present, national traffic laws and regulations for installing such strobe lights are allowed, but they cannot be used in the no- flute area clearly stipulated by the country or city. Especially in foggy and rainy days, the effect will be better.
2. It adds new highlights of car, which meets the needs of car lovers in pursuit of fashion personalization. When you go out in groups to play outside, it is different to turn on the flashing lights.
3. Turning on the flashing lights when parking or resting on the highway or adjusting your car on the road will have a warning effect, which can remind the next car to avoid and reduce the occurrence of accidents.