1999-2005 AUDI TT 8N Only Fits FWD Adjustable Coilovers Suspension Kits

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1999-2005 AUDI TT 8N



Front Lowering: 30-60mm

Rear Lowering: 30-60mm


Package Includes:

Suspension Kit Contents

Lowering springs (depending on application) x 4

Sports dampers x 4

Rear Sport Shock x 2

Front Sport Shock x 2




- Micro-Cellular closed cell foam insert maximises cooling efficiency by occupying less internal space than gas within a pressurised shock absorber. Greater oil capacity and more surface area maintains lower operating temperatures.



-Also known as a "two-tube" shock absorber, this device consists of two nested cylindrical tubes, an inner tube that is called the "working tube" or the "pressure tube", and an outer tube called the "reserve tube". 

-At the bottom of the device on the inside is a compression valve or base valve. 

-When the piston is forced up or down by bumps in the road, hydraulic fluid moves between different chambers via small holes or "orifices" in the piston and via the valve, converting the "shock" energy into heat which must then be dissipated.



-Height adjustable from 30mm-80mm (most applications).

-25%-30% Up-rated shock absorber damping.

-FUCH oil filled dampers for superior ride quality and performance.

-FUCH damper oil is used for maximum lubricity and consistent damping.

-Short heavy duty hardened chrome piston rods.

-Firm yet comfortable ride quality, suitable for fast road or mild track day use.

-Coilover springs are high tensile, chrome silicon steel, shot peened for strength.

-Coilover springs are powder coated for weather protection.

-Helper springs are used (where necessary) to prevent spring dislocation when car is jacked up.  Built in Elastomer bump stops for durability.

-Dual locking rings (most applications) anodised for weather protection.

-Powder coated Anti-Corrosion Coilover Bodies.