20/30/50 PCS Yellow Sticky Glue Paper Insect Trap Catcher Indoor Fly Aphids Wasp

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- Insect Sticky is high effective adhesive for catching pests.
- Double sided stickiness.
- Suitable for Mosquitoes, Moths, Flies


- pvc plastic

- Colour: As Pictures Show

- Size:  20*15cm   25*20cm


 1. Imported high viscosity waterproof adhesive, high temperature resistant, waterproof and sunscreen

2. Both sides can be glued, with suspension wire

3. The use of insect chemotaxis, insecticidal efficiency, no pollution

4. It can be used to kill mosquitoes and flies indoors or outdoors in orchard and vegetable garden

Directions For Use:

- Hang the trap just above growing points of plants;
- Remove the release paper all at once to reveal the sticky surface or section by section to compar;e insect catches and extend the life of the trap
- Remove the trap once all areas covered in insects or dust and replace with a new trap.


Package included:

- 10pcs Or 20pcs Or 50pcs Or 100pcs Insect Sticky Trap