2010 up BMW 5 serise F10/F18 Coil Sturt 36 Way Adjustable Damper Coilovers

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2010+BMW 5Serise F10/F18



Front Lowering: 20-60mm

Rear Lowering: 20-60mm


Package Includes:

Suspension Kit Contents

Lowering springs (depending on application) x 4

Sports dampers x 4

Rear Sport Shock x 2

Front Sport Shock x 2




- Micro-Cellular closed cell foam insert maximises cooling efficiency by occupying less internal space than gas within a pressurised shock absorber. Greater oil capacity and more surface area maintains lower operating temperatures.



- Stable damping force can be generated continuously, because of the larger oil capacity and improved heat dissipation.

- The larger sized piston valve creates a wider area to receive pressure, and thus even a subtle damping force can be generated precisely.

- The structure allows no restrictions in installation angles.

- Oil releases heat easier as the temperature increases.

- Aeration doesn't occur because oil and gas are completely separated.



-Height adjustable from 30mm-80mm (most applications).

-25%-30% Up-rated shock absorber damping.

-FUCH oil filled dampers for superior ride quality and performance.

-FUCH damper oil is used for maximum lubricity and consistent damping.

-Short heavy duty hardened chrome piston rods.

-Firm yet comfortable ride quality, suitable for fast road or mild track day use.

-Coilover springs are high tensile, chrome silicon steel, shot peened for strength.

-Coilover springs are powder coated for weather protection.

-Helper springs are used (where necessary) to prevent spring dislocation when car is jacked up.  Built in Elastomer bump stops for durability.

-Dual locking rings (most applications) anodised for weather protection.

-Powder coated Anti-Corrosion Coilover Bodies.