12 pcs Bearing Splitter Remover Gear Puller Kit Wheel Separator Fly Set Box New

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12 pcs Bearing Splitter Gear Puller Fly Wheel Separator Set With Box Tool Kit

Brand new and high quality.
Rugged drop-forged construction.
Removes gears, pulleys, bearings, and steering wheels.
Separates ball bearings.
Evenly applies pressure to smoothly separate bearings and remove gears without damage.
Suitable for engineering, automotive, marine and agricultural applications.
Comes with storage case.

Package Include
One 160 mm puller with threaded hole for the pushing rod and two 57 mm longitudinal slots
One 175 mm threaded pushing rod with centre bearing
One cutting knife:
62 mm threaded rod space, width up to 62 mm
2 separating knives:
92 mm threaded rod spacer, width up to 48 mm
8 extensions and adapters (60, 80, 90 and 110 mm)

Note: You can easily remove bearings, inner rings, flywheels, drums and other components with this tool kit,. Suitable for professional repair shops and hobbyists.

 Color of the box may vary.