2PCS Car Wash Clean Towels NATURAL Real Leather CHAMOIS SHAMMY Dry Large 45x70cm

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- New and durable

--Irregular shape
- Strong tenacity and water absorbency, stretch and tear resistant
- Soft, fine and smooth in touch
- Material: Chamois leather
- Color: as picutre

- Size: Approx. 45 x 70cm

Package included
2pcs Natural leather chamois


To maintain your chamois in good condition
1.Washing the chamois in warm water with a mild soap detergent when you use
2.Soaking the chamois in water for revitalization

Natural Chamois Leather:

Natural Chamois leather  is actually flesh split of lambskin with tanned fish oils.so when open the packaging there will be a deep pungent leather smell.


1) Highly Absorbent, holds large amount of water (10 times its weight).

2) Can wipe/blot dry.

3) It’s natural , hence much longer life.


1 Will dry hard and need to re-wet it to become soft again  

2 Break in period, where tanned oils get excreted initially. So paint will get some deposits initially.

3 Not everyone will like the strong pungent smell.