3/5/12Pcs Max Mice Traps Rodent Mouse Rat Snare Catcher Board Pad Trap

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-Easy to use-bait! Just separate the two boards and place the sticky mouse trap on the wall where the mouse likes to travel and are ready to walk around. It has a foldable design and can even be placed in a narrow space
-Is a new generation product, which is made of special glue. It has high strength and even distribution. It can be used in all seasons and is easier to be caught by mice. This is a good choice to replace the old mouse trap. Strong adhesion, odorless, can be used immediately. It is not affected by weather changes. Very suitable for use in families, restaurants, bars.
-Easy to clean up-just put some poisonous bait on the bait, and then place it in a place where rats are often observed. Once the mouse is trapped, it can be processed/distributed humanely without having to touch the mouse to remove it from the trap. Just opened it and threw it in the trash bag-done!
-Non-toxic and safer-these high-quality mouse glue traps are safe for your family and pets, no chemicals, and super environmentally friendly.
-Safe and Easy to Use: Natural materials are safe for your family and pets, free of chemicals and compounds


Size Xlarge: Open 320mm x 210mm

                    Folded: 210mmx160mmMaterial: cardboard

Material: cardboard

For:   Rodents 
Type:   Strong Sticky Glue Trap
Control Method:   Catcher
Color: green, yellow
Features:   Strong adhesive, eco-friendly, non-toxic
Pest/Weed Type:   Rat,Mouse,Rodent,Snake   
For:   Rodents   Pest/Weed
Model: Catcher sticky board