30pcs Car Sound Deadener Butyl Rubber Auto Sound Deadening Adhesive

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30pcs Car Sound Deadener Butyl Rubber Auto Sound Deadening Adhesive

Item Description
Use this to reduce panel vibration which will reduce road noise, improve sound quality from your audio system, and also keep the car cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
This is the first product that most will use to improve older cars by adding anywhere from around 30 to 100 square feet or more depending on how crazy you want to go.
Butyl rubber sound deadener is one of the thickest available at 2.2mm which is thicker, heavier (more effective), and as good if not better than most of the better known brands which are only around 1.7mm to 2.0mm thick yet cost 2-3 times as much.
Made of black high grade butyl rubber with black foil and silver writing.
Our deadener is SELF ADHESIVE with a removable paper backing so you just need to PEEL & STICK
This pack contains 30 small sheets each 40cm x 24cm for a total of around 30 square feet (around 2.88 square meters)

Shockproof, aseismic, antiskid, sound absorption, sound insulation, shockproof, etc.
Safety and environmental protection, flame retardant and fireproof, waterproof and anticorrosive, good temperature resistance, stable physical performance, good compression resistance, good elasticity, long service life, wide range, bending resistance, low thermal conductivity, shock absorption, sound absorption and other excellent performance in the environment of - 50 ~ + 150 ℃;
Neat appearance, beautiful appearance, no deformation, no cracking, soft material, good handle, simple and convenient construction, with back glue, It can be pasted after tearing off kraft paper, with firm stickiness. In the process of use, it can be cut at will as required.