35.5sq ft Butyl Rubber Sound Deadener Car Sound Dampening vs Dynamat Shock Proof

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Item Description

Sound Deadener is a vibration (sound) dampening mat. The material consists of an anti-drum noise absorption layer, combined with an aluminum top layer forming a heat and acoustic barrier.

Our sound deadener is a aluminum coated butyl mat, suitable for the vehicle enthusiast / builder who demands today's high end performance.

Our constrained layer dampening mats are today's lightweight alternative to traditional bitumen under-body and inner

body dampening. Car Builders Sound Deadener has a high temperature resistance and together with a aluminum coating, it works to effectively reduce the transfer of heat and sound.

Our Sound Deadener is the 1st stage in effectively reducing unwanted road and exhaust noise.

Basic principles behind reducing unwanted noise in a vehicle are as follows:

1: Block sound with a dense barrier (aluminium coated rubber based Sound Deadener
2: Absorb sound waves with an insulation layer (Acoustic Liner)
Suitable for floors, boots, doors, firewall, roofs, 1/4 panels, under bonnets etc.
Our Sound Deadener is constructed from the latest polymer technology, it does not require a heat gun, it will not crack or deteriorate and will maintain its adhesion throughout your vehicles lifespan.
Guaranteed not to deteriorate, go brittle and fall off.

Package include

3.3sq/m of Stage 1 Sound Deadener

(9pcs sheets at 800mm x 460mm)

Sound insulation part:door roof chassis engine tailbox