3.68㎡ Car Butyl Rubber Sound Deadener Sound Proofing Self Adhesive 2mm thick

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-Environmental materials butyl rubber
-Embossed pattern reduces creasing & works as a guide when cutting.
-True aluminium face
-With excellent vibration and noise reduction, sound damping 2-2.2mm thick
-Shock Absorption, vibration resistance, release the structure transmission attenuation vibration energy
-Waterproof, Fire-proof, Cold resistance, anti-aging and strong adhesion
-High temperature resistance
-Keep your drive comfortable and cool in summer, and warm in winter
-Seriously sticky stuff + Super easy to install
-Can be easily molded to the shape of car floor pans, inner doors and parcel shelves

Material: Aluminum Foil + Butyl Rubber + Wax Paper
Color: Black
Resistance Temperature Range: -40°C ~ +149°C
Waterproof & Fire Resistant: Yes
Thickness Approx.: 2mm-2.2mm
Size Approx. (L x W): 46cm x 40cm
Applications: Used vehicle cars, trucks, vans, campers interior and exterior. Such as hood, firewall, four door panels inside, car ceiling, cockpit floor....
Kindly Note that it is not suitable for the engine


20pcs Heat Sound Deadener Insulation Sheet

3.68㎡ 39.61 sq/ft    20sheet
2-2.2mm thick
Size Approx. (L x W): 46cm x 40cm