6/12/20 pkts Magical Fire Colourful Color changing Flames Campfire

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*Mystical Fire is a unique product that creates a brilliant display of colourful flames on wood burning fires!
*Creates An Amazing Wood Fire With Beautiful Coloured Flames
*So easy to use, so beautiful to watch.
*Simply throw 1-4 packets into your open fire and create an awesome display of magical, mystical, coloured flames.
*The long-lasting colours run from blue and green, to pink, purple, orange, yellow and turquoise.
*It amazes the kids, delights your friends and soothes your senses while you sit by the fire in peace.
*Mystical Fire is heat activated, so the bigger or hotter the fire, the more packs you use and the more intense the colour you create.
*Ideal in campfires and small bonfires, it's also widely used in braziers, chimineas and enclosed fireplaces.

DO NOT cook over coloured flames
DO NOT open packets

Package Included
6pkts x Mystical Fire (25g/pkt)
12pkts x Mystical Fire (25g/pkt)
20pkts x Mystical Fire (25g/pkt)