Adult Automatic Inflatable Life Jacket Neckline Fishing Inflatable Life Jacket

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-Inflatable life jacket is a relatively high-level safety life jacket in the world. It has a beautiful appearance, light weight, durability, safety and reliability.
-This life jacket is small and light before inflation, comfortable and convenient to wear;
-After bloating, the buoyancy is large and the buoyancy lasts for a long time.
-It has been recognized by the shipping industry and is a new alternative to traditional foam life jackets.


Yellow, red camouflage, purple, blue, light red, orange, white camouflage, rose red, black, green camouflage, blue camouflage, green, red,

Product introduction:
1. Automatic inflatable life jacket is mainly composed of airbag, small high-pressure gas cylinder and automatic inflation valve, etc. It is suitable for use at sea and waterside activities.
2. Under normal circumstances (uninflated), the entire inflatable life jacket is worn on a person's body like a vest. The product is light and compact, and does not prevent people from working when worn.
3. Once dropped into the water, the airbag is automatically inflated and inflated into a life jacket with a buoyancy of more than 15 kg within 5 seconds, so that the head and shoulders of the person surface, providing safety protection.
4. When the wearer's head falls into the water or is in a coma due to injury, he can automatically adjust the posture of entering the water so that the head always keeps his head up, which can provide comprehensive safety rescue.

Main performance indicators:

1. Airbag inflation volume: 16.5 liters
2. Compressed gas weight in the bag: 33 grams
3. Inflation time: <= 5 seconds
4. Buoyancy: 16kg
5. Gas storage time in the capsule:> 5 days
6. Carbon dioxide gas storage cylinder: 33g carbon dioxide gas storage cylinder, disposable, replaceable
7. Atmospheric pressure in airbag: <0.2kg
8. Head and shoulders receding angle: 30-45 degrees
9. Distance between mouth and water surface:> 120mm
10. Equipped with two-tone distress whistle
11. Reflective logo: "SOLAS" high-strength special reflective film.
12. Material: TPU nylon composite fluorescent orange, single airbag, automatic, manual, manual automatic inflation, 33g carbon dioxide gas storage cylinder.

Scope of application:
This product is suitable for water life-saving places such as public security fire protection, border defense marine police, maritime fishery administration, flood prevention and relief, fishing rafting, etc.
And deep-sea ocean shipping, inland river ships, water petroleum exploration and other various water insurance and rescue.