1L Air Brake Bleeder Clutch Vacuum Bleeding Extractor Fluid Fill Adapter Kit Set

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Air Brake Bleeder Kit Clutch Vacuum Bleeding Extractor Fluid Fill Adapters 1L

The professional brake fluid bleeder is a best tool to replace the brake fluid for your vehicle without any effort.

One-person-use design is different from the traditional manual brake fluid bleeding.

It manipulate more simple and efficient.

*SGS certification
*Fit for most vehicle
*Quick, clean and efficient
*Flush and refill process can be done by one person

Oil extraction container capacity: 1L approx.
Refill container capacity: 0.75L approx.
Air inlet size: 1/4"
Refill container head material: copper
PU hose size: 2m approx.
4 x Plastic Adapters: