Automatic Clamping Car Mount Air Vent Phone Holder For Wireless charging model

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Function Description:

1.Overvoltage protection 13.8V, overload protection 12V1.8A / 5V2A, over temperature protection 65 degrees Celsius, FOD with load (no load);
2. Apple 8 full time from 0 to 100%: (below 25 degrees Celsius) 2 hours 40 minutes;
3. Samsung NoTe8 full time from 0 to 100%: (below 25 degrees Celsius) 3 hours and 30 minutes;
4.Wing opening and closing time: 2S;
5. The pause time between wings opening and closing is: 1.2S;
6. The touch switch must be in contact with the switch for a pause of 0.5S to start;
7. Infrared sensing distance: (light absorbing black) about 21mm, (reflective white) about 150mm;

Support wireless charging mobile phone:
-iphone x, iphone 8, iphone 8 Plus
-Google Nexus4, Google Nexus5, Google Nexus6
-Samsung GalaxyS6, Samsung GalaxyS6 edgs, Samsung GalaxyS7, Samsung GalaxyS7edgS, Samsung GalaxyS8, Samsung GalaxyS8 +, Samsung Note5, Samsung Note8
-Nokia Lumia820, Nokia Lumia830, Nokia Lumia920, Nokia Lumia925, Nokia Lumia928, Nokia Lumia929, Nokia Lumia930, Nokia Lumia1020, Nokia Lumia1520
htc 8x US version,
LG V30, LG G6 +, LG G3, LGG2, YotaPhone2, DroidTurbo2
-XperiaZ4v, XperiaXz2, M7PLUS, Xiaomi MIX2, Xiaomi 7, Huawei MATE20PRO, Huawei MATE20PRO Porsche models

Please note:
1. Since the phone case will affect the wireless charging efficiency, we recommend that you use a phone case with a thickness of 3 mm or less.

2. Please note: Please use the high-power fast-charge cigarette lighter to charge the bracket..

Do not use the car's own USB interface, because the car USB interface voltage is too low to support wireless charging.