EGR Blanking Plate Peugeot HDi For Ford TDCi VOLVO SUZUKI MAZDA dpf 1.4 1.6

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FITS EGR Blanking Plate Peugeot Citroen HDi Ford TDCi Volvo D 1.4 1.6 Mazda blank A

THIS FITS The DLD-416 (or DV6) and has the valve shown (Euro 4) and the older vacuum valve (Euro 3) in:  

   PEUGEOT 1.4 & 1.6 HD i206, 207, 307, 407 1007, 3008, 5008, Expert, Partner, combi TDi
   CITROEN C3, C4, C5, Berlingo, Xsara, Picasso
   FORD  Fiesta, Fusion, Focus, Focus C-Max tdci, c-max tdci dpf,
   VOLVO S40 V50 S/V60 V70 engine # DV4 TD, DV4 TED4, DV6 B, DV6 TAD, DV6 ATED4, same for all make cars.
   MAZDA 1.4 CiTD  (1.4 mz-cd)  1.6 CiTD (1.6 mz-cd)  Y4 and Y6 engine  (re-badged Peugeot/ford engine).
   SUZUKI  S4X 1.6 DDiS (re-badged Peugeot/ford engine) 1,560cc

Benefits of blocking EGR

   1.  Cleaner engine oil helping to give longer engine life.

   2.  Turbo spooling up quicker, and at lower revs

   3.  Helps prevents soot build up in intake manifold, and valve's, which will lower the power

   4.  A smother drive, and usually better fuel economy