EGR Valve Blanking Block Off Plate Fit Nissan Navara Frontier D40 Euro 4 Stainle

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FITS EGR valve blanking block off plate NISSAN NAVARA FRONTIER D40 euro 4 STAINLESS

Advantages of blocking EGR:

Turbo spools up quicker, and at lower revs
 Prevents carbon build-up inside intake manifold, and ports
Smother pick up from idle and better fuel economy
 Cleaner engine oil helping to give longer engine life.
Lowers soot output - less smoke on acceleration

Compatible vehicles:


D40 (06-11) 2.5 Euro 4   -   (YD25 Engine)

D40 (06-11) 2.5 Euro 4   -   (YD25 Engine)

Does NOT fit euro 3 or 5 style EGR valves.
This item is for diesel vehicles only NOT PETROL