EGR Blanking Plate Fits Ford Ranger 2.5L 3.0L PK PJ 07-11 Mazda Bt50

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EGR Blanking Plate Ford Ranger 2.5L 3.0L PK PJ 07-11 Mazda Bt50

EGR Blanking Plate - Ford Ranger PJ PK/Mazda BT-50(07-11)

* EGR (exhaust gas re circulation) Blanking block off plate

*This modification is used to temporarily seal off the exhaust gas re circulation due to malfunction or water jacket leak, or to prevent malfunction/water jacket leak from causing problems with air intake. It will also prevent recirculated burnt gas from re-entering the intake and will give a minor performance boost of the engine.

*When used for "off-road" use, you will get a performance gain and longevity gain out of the engine as its not building up carbon "gunk"on the intake tract/valve guides.

*Also when fitted, in manual vehicles, the chance of stall is reduced as the EGR is not filling up your air intake with burnt gas at low revs(causing a stall).

* Easy to install and remove before service.
* Premium Quality Replacement Part.