Epoxy Resin Clear UV Ultra Casting Color Pigment Paste Silicone Mold Liquid

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EPOXY RESIN SUPER CLEAR Casting kit UV  Art, Jewellery

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*Safty-These products have been registered at Australia Department of Health under section 80B of the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and  Assessment) Act 1989 on the Register of Industrial Chemical, that meet exceed Australian Industrial Chemicals Standard.

*Crystal Clear Finish-Cures Crystal Clear. One of the clearest epoxies you can find. Suitable for wooden bar tops, embedding pictures, bottle cap table projects & more

*UV Resistant Formula-Added UV Inhibitors resist yellowing when exposed to the sun and Ultra Violet light

*Self Level Mixture- Will self level over surfaces including corners, bar rails and edges leaving consistent thickness

*Superior Air Release- Some epoxies may bubble, fish eye or crater. Our formula features superior air release, minimizing these concerns


1:1 Ratio Epoxy Resin Mix by Volume
2:1 Ratio Epoxy Resin Mix by Weight
3:1 Ratio Epoxy Resin Mix by Weight

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User Guide

① What is the resin & the Harder.
With the exception of UV resin, you should purchase your resin as a kit, which contains the resin + the hardener. Each are two inert liquids by themselves, but when mixed, a chemical reaction occurs. The reaction causes heat production which allows the resin to cure.

②How to measure and mix epoxy resin and hardener in five easy steps.
Step1: Clearly understand the mixing directions of the epoxy resin you are using.
Step2: Determine the total volume of mixed resin you need for your project.  From there, break it down into the amount of Part A resin and Part B hardener you need to mix together.
Step3: Make sure your resin work area, along with your epoxy resin and hardener, are at the ideal temperature.
Step4: Pour your resin and hardener into separate cups.  Measure exactly and resist the urge to add extra hardener.
Step5 :Pour the two parts together and stir well.  Scrape the sides of the cups and device several times during the process.

③Safety precautions to take when working with epoxy resin (advice).
1. Wear gloves.
2.Have good ventilation in your work area.
3.Wear a plastic apron (Up to you).
4.Wear safety goggles.
5.Use a respirator Or Mask.

④ Colorful Resin effect
When experimenting with color additive combine them with epoxy adhesives. which cure more quickly and less expansive  than epoxy resin formulation for casting and coating.we had success with the following additive:
Eye shadow.
Acrylic paint.
Mica Powders.
Alcohol-based inks.
Gold foil.
Cellphone case decoration
Suit For:Use on coating artworks, resin paintings, table tops and timber features or anywhere you need the depth of finish (one coat of Resin is equal to about 50 coats of varnish).
Use Colorant Resin Pigment: Comes in a squeeze bottle with small opening tip, so you are able to drop it into your resin easily.High permeability .Odorless Environmental.protection.High concentration color paste.
Tips:You can mix it with another pigment(s) to achieve the desired color.
Just add a very small amount to your resin project and you can see the result.
We recommend not to add a big amount of pigment to your work at one time, but add it a little bit by a little bit to see the change of shade from light to dark
Coverage:It takes about 1 Ltr of mixed resin to cover 1 square meter of a flat non porous surface. Resin has a long working time of about 45 mins (depending on temperature and humidity) and initial cure in about 18 hours. Full cure is in about 3 days.
Cleaning up: Clean all brushes and fibreglass tools with Acetone or MEK.

1.Don't save extra mixed resin for later.once resin is mixed, you must ‘use it or lose it’. It begins to cure once the two parts are mixed together.
2.Use protective gloves when working with this product. We have available a special hand cleaner available for cleaning up, but you can also use soap and water or white vinegar to clean your hands. Remove bubbles just after applying by spraying the completed work surface with AA Composites's 'Bubble Buster' or use a blow torch in the traditional manner.
3.Item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated same

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