FIT Guideline for Navigation Vehicles Magnetic Deviation Adjustment Compass Tape

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FITS  Guidelines for Navigation Vehicles Magnetic Deviation Adjustment of Ball and Ship Compass Tape

Product information

Name: Guide Ball

Colour: white

Material: high quality acrylic

Weight: 265g (single net weight) 318g (single gross weight)

Size: 102*94*137mm

Product characteristics

This product is a professional multi-functional vehicle-borne marine professional compass. Users can correct the deviation of the compass by using the corrective tools attached to the product, and the power cord provided by the compass can be connected with the power supply on board or on board to supply the power problem of the compass's own light. Considering such factors as driver's convenience of observation and habits, the product specially reverses the magnetic steel of the product, and the compass of the product points in the direction of both the car's forward direction. (Contrary to conventional compass products.)