FITS 1pcs Magic Clay Bar Mitt Glove Fine Grade Car Wash Wax Polish Detailing Cleaner

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Material: Microfiber&Clay Bar

Size: 21.5*15*2cm(L*W*H)

Clay surface: 8.7" x 6"  

Color: Black&Blue

Quickly and effectively remove surface contaminants

Save time and effort of traditional detailing clay

Safe and gentle on automotive paint

Result in a silky smooth paint finish

Up to 60 applications and more(dependent on condition of car)


Care and Storage:

Rinse the clay pad after each use.

ONLY use after washing a vehicle.

DO NOT apply pressure when using. Doing otherwise will result in visible paint damage.

DO NOT store under direct sunlight.

DO NOT use when the surface temperature of the vehicle is over 120'F.

DO NOT use if rubber polymer is tacky and soft.



Flushing the car body with water.Leave water on car surface, do not wipe dry.
Wet the Car Clay MITT, and clean the car surface. No harm done to car paint. Just wipe gently, no need to use full

force as you would using a clay bar.
Flush the car surface again and wipe with dry towel.