AU Cup Type Oil Filter Wrench 30pcs Tool Set Removal Socket Kit

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This tool allows a professional and fast change of oil and filter.

The tool set is delivered in a solid and practical carrying case with engraved part numbers to swiftly identify the tools, and 28 bells including the clip and the adapter.

Set of 28 bells
3 Finger Gripper
A carrying case

65mm 14F
66mm 6F
65/67mm 14F
68mm 14F
73mm 14F
74mm 15F
74/76mm 15F
75/77mm 15F
76mm 8F
76mm 12F
76mm 14F
76mm 30F
78mm 15F
80mm 15F
80/82mm 15F
86mm 16F
86mm 18F
90mm 15F
92mm 10F
93mm 15F
93mm 36F
93mm 45F
95mm 15F
96mm 18F
100mm 15F
106mm 15F
108mm 15F
108mm 18F

Technical specifications:
28 bells
Material: Steel
Case: red plastic
Size of carton: 52 x 35 x 10 cm