FITS 4Pcs/set Electronic LED Light Fish Bite Sound Alarm Bell Clip On Fishing

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Buffered fishing alarm.
The buffer fishing alarm is convenient to use and carry. When using the product, just clamp the product on the fishing fishing rod, clamp the line and turn on the power switch alarm device to start working. This product is compact, beautiful, reliable, practical, and functionally better than similar fishing alarms on the market. This alarm is a device that warns the fish to hook after a period of buffering force. During the period when the pulling force is buffered, it is the time for the fish to hook up. Reliable, the success rate of fishing is also high. It is a rare product for fishing and leisure.

Item Name:    Fishing Alarm Tool
Power By:    3*LR44 Button Cell
Color:    Black,Red,Green,Blue,Yellow
Size:    6.5X6.5X4CM