500GPH 12V Caravan Camping Marine Submersible Bilge Water Pump Fishing Boat

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This 500GPH Submersible Bilge Pump featured with stainless steel shaft, high efficiency and anti-airlock protection can be widely used in fishing boats, caravan, large aquarium, small swimming pool, fountains and other occasions.


Fully submersible electric bilge pump
High efficient, high capacity output
Silent and vibrationless operation
Moisture tight seals
Ignition protection
Anti-airlock protection
No burn-out when run dry
Impact resistant ABS housing
Stainless steel shafts
Rust proof and corrosion resistant
Easy-to-clean snap lock strainers

Voltage: 12V DC
Flow rate: 500GPH
Max. head of delivery: 4m
Current draw: 3A