Fits Car Wash Water Wax Decontamination Glazing Car Wash 500Ml Cleaner

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FITS Car wash water wax decontamination glazing car wash 500ml cleaner

[Features]: This product adopts mild concentrated formula, and its surfactant can quickly remove stubborn dirt, oil film, corpses, rain stains, etc. on the glass, effectively prevent the adhesion of dust and oil, and deeply protect the wiper film. Maintain the flexibility of the wiper blade and extend the life of the wiper. Suitable for daily cleaning of automotive windshields (windshields, mirrors and interior mirrors) as well as various types of glass products.
1. If fine precipitation occurs, it is a normal phenomenon. It can be used by shaking the product without affecting the quality.
2, away from children storage, beware of entering the entrance
3. It is strictly forbidden to clean food-related utensils.
4, to avoid heavy pressure, impact