FITS Copper Core Spark Plug - Model 7822 - BPR6ES - set of 4

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Describe :
Set of 4 NGK Replacement Spark Plugs
Genuine NGK Spark Plugs
You can check your application on NGK's PARTFINDER
Worn Spark Plugs May affect:Starting Smooth Running Fuel Consumption

New Spark Plugs Will Provide:
-More Accurate Spark
-Faster / Easier Starting
-Smoother Running
-Better Fuel Consumption

It is important to change your spark plugs at regular service intervals.
Please check your service handbook for the recommended intervals.

NGK are the leading name in Spark Plug Technology. They have been the No.1 Supplier for all engines, from small Eco engines, to massive Race engines,

from Cars to Boats, from Motorcycles to Lawnmowers. Every aspect covered.