FITS Driveway Paint Sealer Concrete Sealer - 5L

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Driveway Paint Sealer - Concrete Sealer 5KG

1. Wet the ground and polish it with a grinder, you can use resin polishing pads to start work if the floor condition is good enough. (please use the sizes of the pads 30 mesh-50 mesh-100 mesh-300 mesh in order)

2. Clean the ground, wipe dry the water, make sure there is no water on the floor.

3. The ratio of sealer and water (1:2) by weight, spay it on the ground, wipe water off completely, soak it for 6-8 hours(keep it wet within 2hours, and continue wiping it until it is completely dry.

4. Polish (150 mesh-300 mesh), clean and wipe. Please make sure there is no obvious water on the surface

5. Add sealer again, mix ratio between the sealer and water is 1:1 by weight for 1 hour, and then polish (500 mesh - 800 mesh - 1000 mesh - 2000 mesh, etc.)


1st time to add the sealer: 0.2kg/m2

2nd time to add the sealer: 0.1kg/m2

If ,pooling, occurs, immediately spread the sealer over the surrounding area.
Allow to dry overnight.
Do not apply a second coat until the first coat has dried.
Apply the second and subsequent coats in the same manner as the first.
Apply each coat at right angles to the previous coat to ensure even coverage.

•Protects against surface degradation via sunlight, traffic, dirt.
•Unyielding adhesive bond to concrete/paved surfaces
•Prevents powdering and degradation of substrates
•Semi gloss finish
•Forms durable hard wearing coating
•Resistant aid to abrasion
•Solvent based for greater adhesion.

Dry Time
10°C Substrate TemDerature
Surface Dry (minutes): 60
Hard Dry (hours): 18
Recoat Time (hours): 9

20°C Substrate Temperature
Surface Dry (minutes): 40
Hard Dry (hours): 12
Recoat Time (hours): 6

30°C Substrate Temperature
Surface Dry (minutes): 20
Hard Dry (hours): 6
Recoat Time (hours): 3

**As project conditions vary, applicators may need to adjust times accordingly.

Work Condition
Recommended to use this product above 10 ℃. In order to avoid moisture condensation, the base surface of the construction should be dry and clean. The moisture content of the base surface is less than 15% and the relative air humidity is less than 85%.