Fits Gates Alternator Fan Drive Belt For Fiat Opel Vauxhall 6PK1360

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Powered Units: Alternator
This item is equivalent to the following part numbers:
GATES: 6PK1359, CHEVROLET: 55568858, FIAT: 71736257, FIAT: 71753877, FIAT: 73502928, FIAT: 73502929, OPEL: 1340007, OPEL: 1340028, OPEL: 55568858, OPEL: 55573151, TATA: 254723126330, VAUXHALL: 1340007, VAUXHALL: 1340028, VAUXHALL: 55568858, VAUXHALL: 55573151, BLUE PRINT: AD06R1360, CONTITECH: 6PK1360, DAYCO: 6PK1360E, DAYCO: 6PK1360S, FLENNOR: 6PK1360, HUTCHINSON: 1360 K 6, JAPANPARTS: DV-6PK1360, JAPKO: 6PK1360, NIPPARTS: N1061360, OPTIBELT: 6 PK 1360, QUINTON HAZELL: QBR61360, ROULUNDS RUBBER: 6K1360, SKF: VKMV 6PK1360, SNR: CA6PK1360, TRISCAN: 8640 601360, VEYANCE: 6PK1360, VEYANCE: 6PK1360E,