Starter Motor for Nissan Pathfinder R50 V6 4WD engine VG33E 3.3L Petrol 95-2005

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2000-05 NISSAN NAVARA D22 3.0L VG30E SOHC-PB  MPFI   Auto/Man  Cab Chassis & Pickup

2003-05 NISSAN NAVARA D22 3.3L VG33E SOHC-PB  MPFI   Man  Cab Chassis & Pickup

1995-05 NISSAN PATHFINDER R50 3.3L VG33E SOHC-PB  MPFI   Auto  Wagon

1995-05 Nissan Pathfinder R50 Starter Motor 3.3L VG33E Petrol V6


Voltage: 12V

Power Rating:  1.4 kw

Number of Teeth: 9

Starter Mount Type:    2 Hole

Style :  Mitsubishi 

OEM Part Number : BXN005M,23300-0W011,23300-0W010,M0T60181

                                M0T60181A,23300 0W010,23300 0W011,35 2623



How to Replace Starter Motor

The starter motor in a vehicle runs off electrical power supplied by the battery. Its purpose is to push a spinning gear into the flywheel to engage the crankshaft. The spinning crankshaft will set the engine in motion. Once the starter goes bad, the starter will not be able to convert the electrical energy to mechanical energy. Replacing the faulty starter motor will be neccessary.