FITS Pet Cool Gel Mat Dog Cat Bed Non-Toxic Cooling Dog Summer Pad

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There is an easier way for your Dog or Cat to get Cool!

The pad is activated by your dog's weight. Every area that their body comes into contact with will be cooled because the pad absorbs the body heat to cool him or her down. Cool gel mat absorbs your body heat and provides naturally cool relief. Safe for Your Pets! Gently brings down Body Temperature by Absorbing Body Heat! Automatically cools when an animal lies on it and instantly reduces body temperature.

Available in 2 Sizes: Size S(39.5*30cm), Size M(49.5*40cm)

Note: Before making your purchase, please get proper measurements of your pet LYING DOWN. Please then compare results to given sizes to determin the correct size.

- Safe for Your Pets
- No freezing required
- No electricity- no wires NON TOXIC
- Use indoors, outdoors and when travelling
- Automatically cools when lies on it

Package Includes:
- 1 x Pet Cooling Pad