Fits TS 600W 1000W LED Grow Lights Full Spectrum Grow Tent Kit

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-It’s the new market trend to use white color led grow light which could protect your eyes better and get a good harvest.
-TS lights deliver even par readings and utilize superior spectrum with to achieve maximum photosynthesis response.
-Top SMD leds to ensure maximum intensity. Lifetime will also be twice as long as that of the old light beads in the market.
-No need to buy bulbs, ballast or install costly exhaust system to combat heat issues common with HPS rooms.
-TS lights can provide high PAR value and micro-mill value, together with low heat and high output.Max yield to 2.0g/w.
-Since there is no fan, you don't have to endure the noise when you turn on this light as you did with others.And this TS has the same temperature as the HID lamp.
-All Metal -Including poles, fixture braces & connectors for maximum safety and secutirty.
-Will not react under light and heat, and no off-gassing to harm plants.

Tool-free Setup - Costs less than 5 minutes to build/ take down.
Double Stitching - Equals durability & quality so your tent will give years and years of use.
Strong Zippers - Thicker best zippers. Light-proof backing around zipper.
Easy-view Windows - For better watch of plants growth without distrubing their grow.
Multiple Intake/Exhaust Vents&Windows - Maximum flexibility and functionality ensured.
Removable Floor Tray - to keep your tray in place and quickly removed for easy cleaning.
Velcro Door Straps - keeps your doors open and out of the way so you can enter and exit with ease.