Foldable Bike Wheel Hub Display Stand Floor Storage Rack Bicycle Repair

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Universal Bicycle Bike Triple Wheel Hub Stand Foldable Repair Parking Holder

-Foldable to minimize the use space
-Ultra-lightweight, durable and strong
-Easy to carry, it is a must-have for car repair, show car and parking
-Only one end of this parking rack has a cutout

Stainless iron + plastic
Model: mountain bike road bike
Weight: 0.65kg
Unexpanded size: about 41cm long, 30cm wide

1. The support frame suitable for vehicle maintenance is extremely light in weight. The opening angle of the support frame can be adjusted by turning the retracting devices on both sides. After adjustment once, there is no need to use the knob again.
2. When loading the whole vehicle, you only need to use the elasticity of the support frame to stretch the drive frame, and then put it into the vehicle. The entire operation process can be completed by only one person. After loading, the quick release part of the card is a project Plastic, all will not scratch the frame paint.

3. This support frame is suitable for adjusting the vehicle's transmission system, repairing and cleaning the vehicle. This support frame is also very easy to use when placed at home, especially for the maintenance of most bicycles without a support frame.

Package include:
1 *Bicycle Parking Frame