Radiator Hose Fits FORD COURIER PD PE 2.6L 4 Cyl 1996-2002 Upper+Lower 05-1787

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Radiator Rubber Hose for FORD COURIER PD / PE 2.6L 4 Cyl 1996-2002 Upper+Lower


1996-1999 FORD COURIER PD 2.6L 4 Cyl

1999-2002 FORD COURIER PE 2.6L 4 Cyl

Hose Inspection and Replacement
Since hoses are so vital in maintaining the engine at optimum operating temperature, and prevent costly damage by controlling engine overheating, regular inspection and maintenance of cooling system hoses should be conducted at least every six months. It is also recommended that all coolant hoses be replaced whenever the system is being flushed and coolant replaced, about every 2-3 year’s, dependent on the vehicle’s use.

CAUTION: It is important for your safety that the engine is turned off and has cooled down and cooling system depressurised before you proceed with an inspection.
The best way to inspect a hose is to squeeze it firmly.