Clutch Kit Heavy Duty Toyota Landcruiser HZJ80 HZJ75 HZJ73 1HZ 4.2D

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Package included:
Pressure Plate
Clutch Disc
Thrust Bearing
Spiggot Bearing
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1 High Capacity Cover Assembly – Higher Torque capacity is achieved by the use of components designed to provide the strength, thermal properties and durability required to increase torque capacity and reduce slipping over a wider temperature range.
Spheroidal Graphite Pressure Plate Casting - Sometimes referred to as Anti Burst, dartel or nodular iron, this material provides approximately four times the burst strength of a standard cover assembly pressure plate. This increased strength not only extends the life of the casting but combined with its improved heat dissipation, allows the clutch to run cooler in extreme situations.
Off Road Clutch Plate – Engineered specifically for the unique environment this design includes features unavailable elsewhere.
Toyota Landcruiser Hzj80 Hzj75 Hzj73 1Hz 4.2 Diesel

Exactly same as picture showed


In order to improve the performance of your vehicle, we re-designed the original car parts. The re-designed item will perfectly fit onto 99.8% of these cars on the road, however there are always few exceptions need extra work, such as re-position the hangers, pins, brackets etc, minor cutting and welding work could be involved.

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