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FITS Car Seat Covers set Universal butterfly embroidery Breathable lady protectors

Compatibility Guide Fit Vehicles With The Features:

1. Airbag Compatiable Universal Fit the Car with Airbag make sure the normal using condition of Airbag in case of Emergence to protect your safety 

2. Detachable Headrest and Airbag and Armrest Compatible 

3. Solid Bench and Split Bench ,Cup Holders Compatible

Inside Composite Sponge: 

Release the fatigue of driving and long journey. Enhance the driving comfort.

Perfectly Fit the car ,truck ,Suv,Van : 

Protect your interior car from dirty ,mud and any physical hazards.

Measurements For Each Item:

Front Seat Cover: 22.04" x 21.25"

Front Backrest Covers: 27.9" x 22.8" 

Rear backrest cover: 54.33" x 29.13"

Rear Bottom Bench Cover: 54.33" x 23.62"

Separate Head Covers :11.02" x 10.62"