Inflator 12V New Car 100psi Tire Compressor AU Portable Auto Air Pump Tyre

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Inflator 12V New Car 100psi Tire Compressor AU Portable Auto Air Pump Tyre


1. Heavy duty air compressor, ideal for inflating many types of tyres including tractors tyres.
2. Huge air flow cylinder 100PSI working pressure, can reach to the normal tire pressure quickly.
3. This lightweight mini compressor is small, compact and portable for easy storage in most vehicle types.
4. Cast metal air pump casing with heatsink for better heat dissipation.

5. Supplied with tyre inflator extension adapter and other inflation accessories for convenience.

6. Able to inflate bike tyres, car tyres, athletic balls etc.

Material: Metal
Color: Black & Silver
Voltage: DC 12V
Max. Amperage: 12 Amp
Air Volume: 35 L/Min
Max. PSI: 100 PSI
Size: 14 x 16cm / 5.51" x 6.3"
Package Weight: 1250g


Package Included:
1 x Air Compressor
3 x Nozzle Adapters




In order to improve the performance of your vehicle, we re-designed the original car parts. The re-designed item will perfectly fit onto 99.8% of these cars on the road, however there are always few exceptions need extra work, such as re-position the hangers, pins, brackets etc, minor cutting and welding work could be involved.

The fitting of item requires specialists knowledge and expertise, we strongly suggest that you need to understand what you will be doing or required to do ,to make the item fit.

We are not responsible for any fitting costs may be involved, and it's entirely the buyers responsibility to cover any costs may occur during the whole fitting proce