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FITS Cookware silicone meal mat non-slip insulation pad DIY mold baking tray pad

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50 Cavity Silicone Gummy Bear Mold : have 5 colour (Ship random one) size : 18.5*13.5*1cm  , 60g

Anti-slip heat insulation pad :have 5 colour Ship random onesize : 18*0.7cm , 57g

Silicone cake moldShip random onesize : 25*17.5*3cm  , 140g

Silicone Pyramid Grill : have 2 colour Ship random onesize : 39*27.5cm   , 138g

Chocolate Mould :have 6 colour Ship random one size : 22*10.5*0.8cm  , 40g

Silicone chocolate moldShip random one size : 20*13*1.5cm  ,  65g

Donut silicone cake moldShip random one size : 29*17*2cm  ,  100g

Barbeque mat :have 3 colour(black,gold,copper)Ship random one size : 33x40cm 

Silicone baking mat : have 5 colourand 3 sizes(Ship random one) size : 40*50cm/30*40cm/65*45cm    ,  110-200g

Silicone Baking Mat : have 3 colour (Ship random one) size : 42*29.5cm*0.7mm   


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