NEW 24V Line Trimmer Whipper Snipper Electric Li-Ion Cordless Garden Tool AU

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Electric Li-Ion Cordless Garden Tool

Powered by a 24V lithium-ion battery, this cordless tool brings the solution you need to tame the outdoors without the fumes. Furthermore, its trimmer head swivel function offers  different angle settings, so you’re able to trim with precision and get the results you desire on various surface areas.

One of the greatest attributes of this line trimmer is its no fuss design. It’s extremely portable and low-maintenance with no mess, fumes, or fuelling up. The lightweight aluminium telescopic shaft with swivel front handle are hugely beneficial features that allow you to craft clean lines and edges with total comfort. This ergonomic and lightweight design ensures you can work for long periods of time with little fatigue.

This assists you keep neat and consistent lines when trimming along objects in your garden. This accessory delivers the difference between a good lawn and a flawless lawn.

 Lithium Line Trimmer is at the frontline providing the economic and practical way to take control of your garden, and for added benefit, all garden tools within the SYNC Series are all operable with the same 24V lithium battery.


    Ergonomic and Lightweight Design
    Lightweight Telescopic Shaft
    Ergonomic Swivel Front Handle 1-30cm length adjustable, up to 1.2m
    Trimmer Head Guide Bracket
    Rubber Over Moulded Throttle Control Handle  the unit weight of the product is only 1.2kg, and it is not tiring to mow for a long time
    No mess, fumes or fuelling up
    24 V lithium battery power supply, wireless, no wire control, not subject to range control, can move freely
    800W pure copper high power motor
    In addition to cutting grass, you can also Cutting branches
    Waterproof head, easy to clean


   Adjustable length: 92-122cm

   Power supply: 24 V Li ion battery

   Battery capacity: 6000mh

   Power: 800W

   No load speed: 20000 / min

   Charging: 2-3 hours

Package Contents:

24V Line Trimmer Whipper Snipper Electric Li-Ion Cordless Garden Tool

Accessories list:

1 x lithium battery

1 x AU PlUG charger

1 x alloy saw blade

2x stainless steel blade

5x nylon blade

2x installation tool

1 x instruction