12V Portable Automobile Shower Set Water Pump Travel Trip Camp Boat Car Caravan

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-The 12 Volt Shower set is great for outdoor adventures.
 -Simply place the electric pump into some water and the water pumps through the hose for a power adjustable shower.
-This kit features a suction cup or S hook that holds the shower head, water pressure adjustable knob,

Product Features
*Easy, Portable, Convenient, Durable and Powerful
*Adjustable Water Pressure Knob
*Electric Pump
*Inline Water Resistant on/off Switch
*Handy Storage Bag, Easy Clean

Product parameters:
Voltage 12V
Current: 3A
Current: 35-60W
Product weight: 0.70kg
Hose length: 2M
Car power cord: 5M

Product instructions:
1. Prepare a bucket of water in advance (the water temperature should not exceed 45 degrees),
Put the water pump into the bucket and insert the power plug into the car's 12V cigarette lighter port.
2. Adjust the height of the nozzle, and use the suction cup and hook attached to the product to fix the nozzle in a suitable position.
3. Then push the water outlet switch at the lower end of the nozzle horizontally, and then press the water pump start switch,
You can enjoy the different feelings of a camping shower.
4. The easy-to-carry simple rain shower has a wide range of use, and is convenient for washing cars, showers, and picnics in the field.
5. Direct 12V vehicle power supply drives the micro water pump,
Suitable for self-driving outdoor camping shower, temporary bathing after sea swimming
(It is recommended to use a dedicated outdoor shower tent or dressing tent) etc.