Radiator Flush Concentrate Cleaners Liquid For Cars 1 x 500ml Universal

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It is an excellent choice to prepare an engine for organic based engine coolants. It is also ideal for periodic, preventative maintenance of diesel engine and gasoline engine cooling systems without costly downtime. Radiator Flush removes light mineral scale and limited oxide deposits. Suitable for use in any water cooled engine, Flush contains a mixture of highly efficient organic inhibitors and a dispersant-detergent agent.

1 x Radiator Flush-500ml
Suitable for every water cooled engine on the planet
The product is Non-toxic to aquatic life, biodegradable, phosphate and amine free
Suitable for use before all brands of coolants

It is standard industry practice to flush the radiator between coolant changes even if you are replacing the coolant with the same brand already in use. There are many radiator flush products available and many of these should be used with extreme caution as per the advice on the instructions. The quick 10 to 20 minute flush products are very aggressive and should only be used in very fowled and contaminated cooling systems. Owing to their aggressive nature, a great deal of internal damage can be caused if these instructions are not followed and these types of flush products should be avoided if the cooling system is in an acceptable condition, to avoid putting the engine through this unecassarily aggressive cleaning process.

Radiator Flush is ideal for cooling systems that are considered to be in an acceptable condition, that have been previously using good quality coolant products and are therefore only displaying light mineral scale and limited oxide deposits. Thereafter it must be thoroughly drained and flushed with fresh water. This gentler, while thorough cleaning process, is the superior choice in avoiding the potential damaging impacts of cheap "quick flush" alternatives.  Radiator Flush not only gently cleans your engine, it also contains an inhibitor package that protects as it cleans.