Starter Motor fit TOYOTA HILUX Commuter TGN16R 2.7L 2TR-FE PETROL 2005-2015

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2005-2015 TOYOTA HILUX TGN16R 2.7L 2TR-FE DOHC MPFI 4cyl Auto/Man Cab Chassis & Pickup


Voltage: 12V

Power Rating:  1.6 kw

Number of Teeth: 9

Overall Length:185mm                                      

Starter Mount Type:    2 Hole

How to Replace Starter Motor

The starter motor in a vehicle runs off electrical power supplied by the battery. Its purpose is to push a spinning gear into the flywheel to engage the crankshaft. The spinning crankshaft will set the engine in motion. Once the starter goes bad, the starter will not be able to convert the electrical energy to mechanical energy. Replacing the faulty starter motor will be neccessary.