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Classic swimming goggles with both comfort and low water resistance, long-lasting anti-fog, anti-UV, easy to wear. Fits all kinds of face shapes.


-100% brand new, high quality.

-The swimming goggle lens is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate (PC)

-The flat optical wide-angle lens adopts diffuse anti-fog treatment, the anti-fog effect is long-lasting, 100% U.V stable material is anti-ultraviolet, and the line of sight remains unchanged from water and underwater.

-The heightened and thickened silicone one-piece lens ring has a smooth design, beautiful and comfortable, easy to wear, effectively reducing eye pressure, and comfortable swimming.

-Use silica gel material, which is soft and anti-seepage.

-The strong elastic silicone mirror strap, while ensuring the firmness of the swimming goggles, disperses the force, reduces the pressure on the eye frame, and makes it more comfortable to wear.

-Silicone earplugs prevent noise and effectively prevent otitis media from getting water into the ears, and the nose clip is effective for nose choking.



1)swimming goggles:Bright Blue/ Purple/Black/Blue

2)Nose Clips + Earplugs:Blue/Black/Red/Yellow

Swimming goggles applicable people:Available for all ages 8 and up, unisex

Nose Clips+Earplugs : general for children and adults

Swimming goggles material:

1)Lens: polycarbonate PC anti-fog lens

2)Lens ring / lens strap: silicone

Nose Clips material:PC+silicone

Earplugs material:silicone




1.How to use swimming goggles (a buyer must read):

1) First put the swimming goggles in a fixed position on the face, press the lens lightly after wearing, and then pull the headband to the back of the head at 45 degrees to prevent it from loosening.

2) If the nose band is too short or too loose, it is easy to seep water. Adjust the length of the nose band appropriately to match your face shape.

3.)If the headband is too short, it will increase the pressure on the eyes and make the eyes have round marks.

4) Before use, adjust the headband to a comfortable condition. After wearing, lightly press the lens to exhaust the air in the lens.

5.)Please keep your swimming goggles clean. After each use, just wash them with water and wind them. Do not wipe the inside of the lens with a cloth.

2.Goggles maintenance:

1)The lens and its coating are easily scratched by external forces. Avoid touching the lens with fingers or other hard objects to prevent scratches on the surface and affecting vision.

2)The water quality of public swimming places such as swimming pools or beaches contains chlorine or salt, which may corrode the goggles and headbands. After use, rinse them with water and dry them in the goggles box.

3) Depending on the water quality of the swimming goggles, stains may condense after the swimming goggles are used for a period of time. Please wash them with neutral liquid detergent or clean water. Do not use organic solvents such as alcohol or wipe with contact to avoid erosion or damage. Lens and anti-fog layer.

4Please put the swimming goggles in the goggles box and store them in a cool and dry environment, because long-term direct sunlight or high temperature and humidity will shorten the life of the anti-fog layer and cause abnormal aging of silica gel and other materials.