Universal Fit High Performance BOV Blow Off / Dump Valve Kit

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Universal Fit High Performance BOV Blow Off / Dump Valve Kit

The unique 8 discharge ports in the cnc machined aluminium discharge funnel draws surrounding air to amplify the blow-off sound. This blow off valves are easily adjustable to prevent both premature boost leakage and compressor surge.

100% Brand new
High-Quality Diaphragm and Short Stroke Significantly Increase Response
Dual Spring System Promoted Response and Allows for High Boost Pressures
Draws In Surrounding Air and Releases Aggresive Unique Discharge Sound
Hard-Anodized Valve for Increased Airflow

Dual spring system:
A carefully selected spring rate prevents premature discharge under high boost pressure and increases valve speed for quick response application.

High capacity performance in a compact frame:
With the use of the high quality valve and diaphragm control system, this Product was created to be the most reliable blow off valve system available. New designs allow for high capacity and performance that rival high performance blow off valves, while being more compact and lighter weight.

Large Valve:
The CNC machined aluminium valve is coated with a hard anodizing, to withstand extreme friction, maintain an airtight seal and increase durability.

Quick response:
To ensure a proper valve movement a durable air tight, pressure resistant Bellofram diaphragm is used. The short valve stroke allows a compact top housing design. This smaller top housing volume also ads in improved valve response

Adjustable spring rate:
The spring tension can be tuned by the adjustment screw,to suit most applications.

Package included:
1x dump valve , fitting kit including a gasket, bolts and boost hose