Wind Chimes Church Bell Quarters Outdoor Garden Hanging Decor Wooden Metal Tube

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Product description
Total length 65cm/25.6inch.
Top diameter 8.5cm/3.34inch.
The most length tube is 26cm/10.23inch.
The shortest tube is 18cm/7.08inch.

1.Our higher quality wind chimes are made to offer the same strong sound every day throughout the year, and along after with proper care.Wherever you can get the wind you can get music from it.
2.Like the natural sounds of a lute or lyre,it can feel the soft wind and sing like elves.our unique garden wind chimes offer a rich, calming tone that's clearer and lasts longer,soothe your body and soul.
3.The metal wind chimes and wind catcher spinner are both weather resistant, but ensure their security against overly strong wind gusts.Wind chimes suitable for trees, fences, patio, garden, lawn, living room, bedroom.

Package includes:
1 pieces wind chimes.